GDPR Conference Series San Diego, CA

GDPR Compliance Conference Series
October 16, 2017
San Diego, CA

4747 Executive Dr.
Suite 600, San Diego, CA 92121

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Join the Alliance of Global Privacy Solutions Providers for our new conference series. We will explore how to achieve and manage compliance related to various Articles of the GDPR and when it makes sense to leverage software and other tools. Each Alliance member will delve into their specific areas of expertise and demonstrate how to execute on compliance activities for GDPR and beyond.

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8:45 am          Check-In

9:00 am          Welcome: GDPR Considerations

9:15 am           GDPR Data Mapping, Prifender

10:00 am        GDPR Records of Process Activities and DPIA, Nymity

10:45 am         Coffee Break

11:00 am         GDPR Cookie Compliance, Evidon

11:45 am          Incident Response and GDPR Breach Compliance, RADAR

1:00 pm           Lunch

1:30  pm          GDPR Compliance Can Only be Achieved by Education, MediaPro

2:15 pm           Automation Discussion Workshop

2:45 pm          Closing Remarks

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